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 Big Sky Paintball,Shelbyville TN

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PostSubject: Big Sky Paintball,Shelbyville TN   Sun 03 Feb 2008, 18:40

I've been to this place maybe twice. Both times, I had much fun in their town setting. Its almost like CQB but the buildings are like big bunkers. Some have two floors, some just one. All buildings are covered on all four sides and have a roof. Here is what they have to say

"Our town has 13 one story buildings that are 8' x 8'. The field is designed so that no position is totally safe. You stay in one place you will be eliminated. The field is set to provide for maximum in teamwork and sneakiness. In the town we play 22 different games so it is not a constant game of elimination or capture the flag. Our referees will constantly suggest new games to play and you as players make the choice.There are 4, two-story buildings in our town, each is accessible by ramps to the second floor. All the ramps are covered with non-skid carpeting. The blue and gray buildings in the pictures below measure 8' by 16', along with a green building which is identical to the gray building in the pictures below.The Church is the largest structure
(12' x 20') and only structure with inside ramps. It has two steeples that are accessed from the inside, along with an outside, rear, top deck that is accessible by outside ramp. "

Big Sky Paintball
Big Sky Paintball
1054 Frank Martin Rd.
Shelbyville, TN. 37160
(931) 680-1557

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Big Sky Paintball,Shelbyville TN
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