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 Train As You Fight (Feb 2008)

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PostSubject: Train As You Fight (Feb 2008)   Thu 13 Mar 2008, 19:10

The Way of the Warrior
The second in a series of addresses

January 21, 2008

"Train As You Fight"
W. N. "Goblin" Carey

I know that sometimes when a team practices it is inconvenient for them to kit up and wear all of their gear. There are a lot of excuses not to. It's too hot, too humid, too wet, too dry, etcetera, etcetera. Some teams when rehearsing their drills, often decide to take it easy and save money instead of every once in a while running full throttle. They don't even bring their markers half the time. "It's just training," they say, "We can't afford the paint or air for our weekly practices." This is understandable. However, you must understand that you always train as you fight. This means that how ever complacent you are in your training that's how complacent you will be in the real game. If you intend to suck then by all means slack off. but if you intend to play full throttle in the big game you have to practice that way. That means full kit, full gear, full load of paint, paintball mask (always the paintball mask), and full speed. If you are so worried about the price of tea in China, cut back on your training events. Instead of doing it every week do it once or twice a month. Because the Catch 22 is that if you don't train full throttle you won't play full throttle. Why? Because you always train as you fight.

W. N. "Goblin" Carey
CAG Paintball, President
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Train As You Fight (Feb 2008)
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