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 Mob Tactics

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PostSubject: Mob Tactics   Sun 16 Mar 2008, 23:45

I have played scenario games where I have seen the general give out orders with a tactic that might help along the way. At least 50% of the time, the tactic works, other times things don't work as planned. Scenario games are on big fields, but sometimes a 70 acre field can still push alot of people together, or the players themselves just take the middle road to the opfor's base.

Alot of these points lead to mob tactics. Alot of times scenario paintball boil down to mob tactics,groups of players not working together, just doing their own thing. During the missions parts of the scenario game, mob tactics are less employed, the final battles are just the opposite. Mob tactics rule in final battle situations. I was wondering if there were any answers to keep myself, my teammates and my side from always diverting to mob tactics?

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PostSubject: Re: Mob Tactics   Mon 26 May 2008, 10:19

I only just now really read this post so I'm sorry for such a late response. The truth is that "Mob" Tactics really are not tactics at all. It's a bunch of people just doing what they want whether or not the end result is what's best for their team or not. It's an easy way out of planning that more oft than not you will find leads to your dismay. However there is a strategy that does seem similar that has been used successfully in the past, and I have talked about this on other forums many times. This strategy is called the "Steamroller" strategy by Gen. George S. Patton who led the allied forces at the Battle of the Bulge to victory. He was not a particular fan of this strategy but he said that it does often have it's uses. We find this to be true with the Civil War. The Confederate Generals were tactically and strategically much more proficient than the Union Generals and General Grant knew this. However, we had manpower and the power of industry on their side. This meant that under a Steamroller Strategy that the Confederacy would run out of men and bullets first. Again, this is not a preffered strategy but it does have it's uses and does have it's moments. I do believe that Travis Curry used this strategy at the Battle of Tennessee scrimage on the May 10th although it was probably unintentional. It did work for him. So don't completely throw it out of the play book.

W. N. "Goblin" Carey
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Mob Tactics
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