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 General Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: General Rules of Conduct   Mon 21 Jan 2008, 14:34

The CAG Commo Hootch staff do their best to ensure a family friendly community. We do our best to filter questionable material and foul language. Off site links are required to follow certain guidelines, such as no pornography, drugs or criminal activities. However, while many other websites are not in those categories we cannot be held responsible for links to sites which may contain foul language or suggestive material. Should you choose to follow any link on this forum you do so at your own risk.

There are a few quick rules to keep in mind when posting on our forum. For the Forum to grow and so that everyone can feel welcome to post and join our online community, these simple rules are necessary and must be followed by all members of the Forum.

* 1. No foul language. Basically put, you need to keep the language to a PG level. If they can't say it on national television, don't say it here. We wish to maintain a family friendly atmosphere. This also includes "Taste-less" subjects or discussion of illegal acts (sex, drugs, under-age alcohol consumption, fecal topics, software and music piracy, threats or discussion of assault or physical violence, etc...) This also applies to any page that can be accessed directly from our boards. If the link facilitates inappropriate material, it will be removed and the poster warned.
* 2. This forum makes use of a language filter which will catch most cases of foul language and edit them out of your posts.
* 2b. You are NOT allowed to use creative spellings and ASCII characters to work around the filters. Doing so will be considered using the offensive language and you will be punished. ASCII character include !@#$%^&*(). Using * or - to "edit" a word counts as a filter dodge. If you can take the time to use these characters you can take the time to use a better word altogether.
* 2c. We encourage you to use full spellings of words and not abbreviations or acronyms. If it has been deemed inappropriate by the forum staff it will be filtered. Above and beyond this simple precaution would be simply conducting yourself in a respectful manner, both to other members, and to yourself. We KNOW you're smart. Show us! biggrin.gif
* 2d. Dodging the filter by using post tags will result in a mandatory 30 day suspension added to whatever suspension you may already be getting.
* 3. No Spamming. Simply put, everyone gets all the spam they could ever want in their in-boxes. We don't need any more on our online forum. Posting useless or off topic messages, links to non-paintball related websites (other than the personal sites of forum members which still should have a paintball theme), Any kind of chain mail style messages, "gnome wars", and anything that the moderators feel does not belong will be considered spam, such as making the same post/thread in multiple ares of the forum. Please keep it "On Topic" and we'll all be happy.
* 3b. No begging for ratings, comments, or any other profile functions from other members. Such action will be considered spam. Your post will be deleted and you will be warned.
* 4. Absolutely, Positively NO O-U-T-W-A-R POSTS WILL BE TOLERATED. Post an O-U-T-W-A-R or similar type of link and you will be banned and reported, no questions asked. For those who don't know what an O-U-T-W-A-R post is, it is: A form of Internet game/business where users get as many people as possible to click a link that leads to a host site and/or promote registration to the site. Where the users get some manner of receipt such as points, gifts or commission ($$) for the traffic generated, new user registrations, sales completed from their link, etc...
* 5. Keep it friendly. No flaming or trash talking or abusive language. No derogatory comments about any forum members race, age, sex, religion, sexual preference, or opinions will be tolerated. We expect you to behave to the best of your ability. It's okay to disagree and debate an issue, it's another to flame and attack other members.
* 6. No bartering or selling in any forum or thread. Since there is no real way to police the trades that are made between parties over the internet, we CANNOT, and WILL NOT accept any responsibility for any trades made on The CAG PAINTBALL Forum. Buyer beware!
* 7a. No topics/posts on the subjects of homemade explosive devices, flash bangs, and smoke grenades, including (but not limited to): "how to" make, "how to" use, buying, selling, and trading. Commercially available smoke devices are "OK" to discuss, however, consider that not all fields allow these, in fact, most do NOT.
* 7b. No topics/posts on the subject of illegal silencers including (but not limited to): "how to" make, "how to" use, buying, selling, and trading. Refer to THIS TOPIC for more information.
* 8. Encouraging or starting posts on generally "unsafe" acts in general or reguarding paintball (playing with out approved eye/face protection, shooting objects other than paintballs from markers etc, stories of vandalism or causing people harm with paintball markers) or in general will NOT be tolerated! Serious offenses of this rule will result in immediate banning from our forums.
* 9a. Religious/Spiritual discussions are not allowed anywhere on the forum, due to the inflammatory nature of the topic.
* 9b. The topic of Abortion is NOT allowed to be a topic of discussion on the forum.
* 9c. Topics begging for donations to unauthorized charities, businesses, or individuals have been added to the list of topics NOT allowed on the forum.
* 9d. Topics including blatant advertising or "self promotion" of competing businesses to CAG Paintball have been added to the list of topics NOT allowed on the forum.
Any posting of the above topics not approved by an ADMIN will warrant a warning on the first infraction and possible suspension or banishment upon further infractions.
* 11. Your avatar must be no bigger than 100 pixels by 100 pixels in size. Avatar's must be no larger than 150 KB. Violators will be warned and their avatar removed.
* 12. Dual accounts are not allowed. If a dual account i found it will be suspended and any and all infractions on the dual account will be transfered to the original.
* 13. Ignorance is not bliss. Being ignorant of the rules of this forum is no excuse for violating the rules of this forum. As a member of the forum, it is YOUR responsibility to learn the rules of the forum and obey them at all times.

Failure to comply to these rules and regulations can, and often will, result in; the editing or deletion of the offending posts, a warning to the author of the post, or in the case of extreme or repeated violation, the banning of the author of the post and the reporting of the misuse of the forum to the author's service provider.

If you see someone else violate forum rules in a post via either a filter dodge or an inappropriate link / comment, please do NOT quote the post when you reply. It creates more work for the moderation team when we have to go in and edit your post, too. We really do not want to have to edit multiple posts because a single person's violation has been quoted by 5 different people. If you know it's wrong, it's probably not a good idea to quote it.

It doesn't matter if you like them or your don't like them, you need to learn to love them, because the admins and moderators are always right and always justified in their actions. The moderators are here to enforce the above rules. Moderators are necessary for the forum to function as it is intended and they are, for all intents and purposes, the judges, juries, and executioners of this forum. The word of a moderator is final. A request from an ADMIN is not an invitation to debate the issue. If you do not obey the Admin/Moderating teams requests then you will be taking a vacation from our fine forum for an undisclosed time period

Also, these rules are somewhat flexible and can change from time to time. Rules may come and go, but this core will help to maintain the friendly atmosphere that we need for the forum to grow.

The Rules and Regulations of this forum may change at any time. be sure to check back once in a while to see if there have been any changes

Thanks, and enjoy the forum!
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General Rules of Conduct
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