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 TO Everyone in the CAG Commo Hootch!!!

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PostSubject: TO Everyone in the CAG Commo Hootch!!!   Fri 27 Jun 2008, 14:52

Hey everyone,
Colt here from phoenix company paintball team.....
I think what I may do is start referring everyone in the coalition to your site so that we will have our own "forum" to post in specifically for the coalition to discuss things over a period of time instead of having to rely on emails and phone calls between the every-two-month team captain meetings.....
ill be putting it up online at the coalition website and emailing it to all the captains to forward on to their teams as well in the next few minutes.
I was just forewarning everyone, lol!

Very Respectfully,

Colt Dickerson, CPT
Phoenix Company CO
Phoenix Coalition Commander
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TO Everyone in the CAG Commo Hootch!!!
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