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 Labeling your allen wrenches.

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PostSubject: Labeling your allen wrenches.   Wed 08 Oct 2008, 18:25

In your marker maintenance kit you should have several Allen wrenches. These Allen wrenches get a workout when your at a scenario game. Most scenarios will chrono you three times. Once for Saturday play, once for Saturday night, and once for Sunday play. You will not be able to get onto the field unless your player card has been punched for chronoing at those times. So a mad scramble for the correct Allen wrench is needed for the weekend. I suggest to mark your Allen wrench that you use for chronoing your marker. You can wrap some tape around it. You can apply some enamel paint to part of the tool. Once you can spot your allen wrench in your marker tool kit, it will cease to be a hassle. My favorite way is to write on a small piece of paper what the tool goes to, like A-5. Then get some clear tape and cover the paper on both sides, thus laminating it. Then wrap the remaining tape around the tool and now its marked for a specific gun.

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Labeling your allen wrenches.
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