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 Scenario army groupings debate.

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PostSubject: Re: Scenario army groupings debate.   Sun 12 Oct 2008, 15:17

This is how I feel we should look at it as far as the numbers and titles go.

Military Term/Spartan Term

Fire Team/Cell 4 Man Element
Squad/Phalanx 12 Man Element
Platoon/Company 24 48 Man Element
Company/Battalion 72 108 Man Element
Battalion/Group 144 216 Man Element

W. N. "Goblin" Carey
CAG Paintball, President
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PostSubject: Scenario army groupings debate.   Sun 12 Oct 2008, 10:40

I was watching the Band of Brothers series and noticed several times that Winters told men to "fall back to battalion". I started to wonder how this would translate into paintball. So, I'm presenting this question to all of the spartans to help nail down.

We are all aware of military units. platoon, company, battalion, etc. The Spartans currently use the terms cell and sqaud to define a grouping of players. Here is how they are broken down so far.

A Cell- 4 players
A Squad- 12 players

Our current sqauds are broken into three cells, alpha, bravo, and charlie.

How would we like to refer to larger units?

Wikipiedia notes that military units work like this:

Platoon- 30 to 50 men
Company- 75- 200 men
Battalion- 500-1500 men
Brigade- roughly 4,000 to 5,000 men

This is all good and fine, but when translated to paintball, it doesnt fit well. Some Scenario games you may only have 50 men on your side. Ok D-Day max player count is 5,000 so you will never use Brigade. I say aside from OK D-Day we should just use platoon and Battalion. Here is why.

Most players have heard of platoon and I feel platoon sizes can be used for final battles and such. For example, we may need a platoon size to have the frontal assualt and another for the side attack. I think we can use Battalion or Brig, to refer to the mass total of players on our side, so if you wanted to head back to base or where the mass total of players are you could say "I'm heading back to battalion" or " to the brig".

Ok D-Day is actually divided up into Military units as close as they can get to them. I'm not sure what terms the commanders use, but they are pretty close. Thus, when we are at D-Day, we may have to become acustom to what terms they use.

Any thoughts or corrections are welcome. Do remember, we are translating some military structure to paintball so its not neccesary we use the correct term to the letter, we use just enough so that it helps us do our thing.

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Scenario army groupings debate.
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