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 T-Shirt Update

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PostSubject: T-Shirt Update   Thu 06 Nov 2008, 11:37

I talked with Legacy Ink today and here is what they are offereing so far.

What I showed them was the round logo with individual names on the back of the shirt in full color. The full color was going to cost to much. They suggest going 2 color to lower the price to maybe $15 a shirt. They also have a problem with doing individual names so if we go with them, that may need to be cut out too. I personally think he is going to lower the cost for him to make them but up the cost by having us buy 2 shirts each, meaning he wants to sell more shirts on his end. This is bad for us because he may want a minimum of a 12 shirt order and someone may be stuck with the bill. Right now this is speculative, he may work with our needs. I know I want a shirt, so does my wife, Wes and his wife may want a shirt, and Josh and his family, but even that doesnt come close to 12.

I do have another idea and that is We can easily get a full color shirt like we want, minus the names on the back for under $25 each with no minimums. The thing about cafepress is that they are not the highest quality printing but they are better than anything you can do at home.

I still want to look around the net to see if we can get names on the backs of shirts. Heat transfer is easy so it is available. Let me know what you guys think so far. I do want to move on this even if it means the shirts will not look exactly like we first thought. We may have to compromise somewhere.

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T-Shirt Update
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