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 Spartan Tshirts are Here!

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PostSubject: Spartan Tshirts are Here!   Tue 25 Nov 2008, 14:07

That's right! Just in time for christmas. Here is the url to them:
Just simply make an account with
then make sure you choose The Spartan Dark Tshirt,
once you do that, make sure you choose the army green, this will be our team color.
Price is set at the lowest possible $18.99 each so there isn't any extra income for me or the spartans. There is probably a $5 shipping fee too. I know this adds up but its the cheapest we can all get a shirt at the moment.

In case your wondering. accepts credit cards, CafeCash and gift certificates as payment. They accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and check cards (as long as they are connected with one of the major credit card companies listed above). You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information.

Paying by Check Card? If you're paying with a Visa Check Card, or MasterMoney Card enter it as if it was a regular credit card.
They do not accept checks, money orders, or paypal at this time.

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Spartan Tshirts are Here!
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