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 OpBL Info Leak

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Staff Sergeant (E-6)

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PostSubject: OpBL Info Leak   Fri 06 Feb 2009, 19:06

From the above post by Reese the game director:
The time has come to let loose some information pertaining to the upcoming MOUT event "Operation Bright Light". I will be updating this thread with information about the game weekly and this info can be used to affect the outcome of the game should it be used prudently. 1st some small facts about the game that distinguish this game from all others.

1. Squad leaders: These players have been preselected by our staff to lead the missions which will ultimately decided the fate of both teams. While all players are welcome to play the game however they enjoy it, the outcome of the game is decided solely by the completion of missions. Squad Leaders will have unique access to game information during missions and can ask any question they want about the mission they are running. Both Militia and Coalition will have these Squad leaders.

2. The Fluid Mission Dynamic: As we've done in the past with our mind blowing props we have decided this time to step the level of play up even further.
The Fluid mission dynamic is how we are describing the way each mission will affect the total outcome of the game and the other teams strategies.

Example 1: The Militia teams mission is to Destroy the Coalition CP, as a result the Coalition team loses the use of its Sqaud leaders for 1 hour.

Example 2: The Coalition team places captured land mines on a Militia re-supply road adding 10 minutes to the Militia Respawn time.

At the game start, the militia team will have a 15 min respawn time. While the Coalition team will have a 20 min respawn time. Upon completion of this mission the Coalition will get 5 minutes cut from their time.

Coalition Mission 1. "No time to lose"

Commander, as you are aware your forces are isolated and cut off from re-supply and reinforcements. The local militia is reinforcing their positions much faster than we can.
A re-supply convoy is waiting to the north just outside the combat area at the edge of a mine field. The mines are on the road preventing the convoy from getting through.

Objective: Send your engineer to the road and disable all 6 of the mines, All of the mines must be unearthed and presented to the mission ref at which time the mission will be completed. If your engineer is eliminated he must respawn at the normal respawn cycle and return to complete the mission.

Reward for completion: Coaltion team will respawn at the same rate per hour as the Militia team.

New General abilities: Airborne reinforcments and Chemical weapon attack.

Every two hours during the game the Coaltion teams general will be able to use this ability to instantly respawn all eliminated players waiting at the insertion point. Only players waiting at the reinsertion point will be spawned and there is no limit to the number of players that can be spawned with this ability. Players returning to play this way must still tag in at their main base before entering combat.
Once this ability is tapped it will be 2 hours before it can be used again. Airborne Reinforcements cannot accumulate, only one can be used at a time within the two hour cooldown. The cooldown begins at the start of the game.

Every two hours the Militia general may use the Chemical attack ability. When used every referee in the combat area will instantly eliminate the closest 5 Coalition players to them in relation to where they are standing. If there is not 5 players in the refs immediate vicinity then the ref will use his/her discretion to determine the eliminated players. Players in buildings are not immune and players in a seperate room from the ref can also be eliminated. The cooldown on this ability begins at the opening of the game and can be used no more than once every two hours.

(The eliminating refferee WILL NOT go searching for players to eliminate, if they cannot get to players within an aproximate 20 yard radius then the attack will be considered a miss at their postion)

I was recently visited by one of our GK players who brought me a very interesting little item. I simple radio transmitter which emits a frequency that can be picked up by a radio tracker. He has a few of these transmitters and a radio tracker. We may actually use the transmitters by planting them on the downed flight crewmen that will be hidden throughout the site. The squads can then use the tracker to find them. Also there will be a "Black box" mission which will also utilize this idea.
Just thought that would be fun to put out there for yall to ponder.

You can use any marker you like, theres no requirements at all on the apearence of you marker.

The preselected squad leaders are going to be there to help expediate the missions that have an outcome on the game. Your general can give you any missions that he may need you to perform. Your not required at all to follow the "mission leaders" if youd rather not. After all, players should be able to play a game and enjoy it any way they want. There is also a standing mission for both teams that involve either rescuing or detaining the 12 downed crewmen from the crashed C130 which any squad or player can perform.

The special squad leaders will merely have instant access to game changing information any time they want it along with whatever players they may be leading

Please keep in mind that some aspects of these abilities can be changed but for the most part they are finished.

Combat is fluid, an action by one opponent will always cause a reaction by the other. If you have any questions please email them to
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OpBL Info Leak
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