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 Feb 7th Practice for Bright Lights

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PostSubject: Feb 7th Practice for Bright Lights   Tue 10 Feb 2009, 13:09

Urban Movement-

I was dissapointed in Task Forces urban movemnt live fire drill. Not dissapointed in anyone or group, but the drill itself. Although mistakes are expected, I think something was needed or worked on.

Support fire-

Breach team was obliterated on the approach to the building on the urban live fire drill. What I think the breach team needed was support fire from atleast 4 players from the assualt team. We despearatly needed for heads to be down in the windows and towers. And I dont think us hauling ass to the door gives us leway to defend ourself.
In every WW2 movie I've seen, the team leader gives support fire and then has his advancing unit go to the next point.
We may have had every gun pointed and firing when breach team advanced. Like I said, this isnt finger pointing (cause that doesnt work in team environments). So if breach team did have support fire, it wasnt effective enough, or breach team jumped ahead too early to let the support fire have a benifiting effect for our movement.

We have got to cover for each other, not just breach team. If you need to move , ask for cover fire. If you see a teamate that needs cover fire, offer it. We all need to work together, for each other, cause the competition is on the other side.

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Staff Sergeant (E-6)
Staff Sergeant (E-6)

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PostSubject: Re: Feb 7th Practice for Bright Lights   Tue 10 Feb 2009, 17:22

This may have benefitted us on the village field as well gaining ground to keep them behind cover. I agree with your assessment Mothman, but I am slightly biased because I am on the breach team. Can't believe no one mentioned it until now, I am mainly pointing at myself there. Another thing that would have helped in that drill would have been if we as a breach team had pushed more to the side away from the window and fire. I know we were all covering the same window except for metatron who was watching high side but we probably could have concentrated less on firing which would have allowed for the assualt team to pick up that role? What do you guys thinks?
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Feb 7th Practice for Bright Lights
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