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 New 10 man woodsball league

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PostSubject: New 10 man woodsball league   Sat 14 Feb 2009, 12:30

Announcing the Ultimate Woodsball League!

UWL creates an event series for players on any level to enjoy competitive woodsball.

January 30, 2009 - The Ultimate Woodsball League, online at, is proud to announce its inaugural season of ten-man woodsball action. Conceived to offer players on every skill level, with every level of equipment, an exciting competitive paintball experience on wooded fields of play, the Ultimate Woodsball League brings the very best of tournament paintball to the world of scenario and woodsball.

Featuring a simple, in-depth and all-encompassing rulebook that allows for players with any type of paintball gun to compete on a level playing field, Ultimate Woodsball League events will be played on fields featuring two bases and two objectives. Teams will compete to capture the two objectives and their opponent's base, and to hold both their own, receiving one point for each minute each objective is held. This format will enable teams to create in-depth strategies for capturing whichever objectives they see fit, rather than simply forcing the opposing teams to slug it out over a single, mid-field objective as is the case in other tactical leagues. For a complete field map along with rules and more information on the Ultimate Woodsball League, visit the league's official website at

2009 UWL Schedule of Events:
April 25 - 26 California SC Village
May 16 - 17 Illinois Badlandz

June TBA Oklahoma D-Day

July 18 - 19 South Carolina Adventure Beach

August 1 - 2 California SC Village

August 29 - 30 Pennsylvania Three Rivers

September 12 - 13 Texas Cousins Paintball
October 3 - 4 Florida XPX
About the Ultimate Woodsball League:
The UWL was founded by Tom Cole, long time team captain and owner of Bad Company. Tom developed the UWL to create a vehicle for paintball teams to compete in the woods. The league is designed for scenario teams, old school 10-man teams, and anyone who wants to play paintball the way it was meant to be played.

Registration for the inaugural events of the Ultimate Woodsball League opens March 10, 2009.

The Ultimate Woodsball League
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New 10 man woodsball league
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