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 The Agoge Challenge: September 19th 2009

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PostSubject: The Agoge Challenge: September 19th 2009   Sun 12 Jul 2009, 22:28

On September 19th 2009 at the La vergne Field in Lavergne TN, The Spartans / MIL-SIM / Scenario paintball team in conjunction with [URL=""]Combat Application's group (C.A.G.)[/URL] will be conducting a one day paintball event like non other.
The Agoge Challenge.
It is a challenge, and test to your strength, courage, and playing ability as a paintball player, a marksmen, a scenario paintballer, or MIL-SIM enthusiast. The day's course will be conducted and designed by current USASOC, SSG Wes Carey. Him and his team of evaluators, along with a quality hand picked OPFOR will be brining to you the finest obstacle / livefire situation course this side of the Southeast US. This course will test your abilities under durress. There is some lifting in this course, log carries, stress shoots, and full blown simulations of live fire missions. Because some materials are needed, there will be a $15 registration fee. The Event is a Bring your own paint. There may be a air refill station available, but if not , Elite Paintball is just a few miles away. Registration starts at 8:00 am with a Saftey meeting at 9:00 am. Please bring your own equipment (check listing for nessesary items).

Must Bring to the Event: Required- Must have!

Your paintball Gear:

* Pods ( what you normally bring, do not skimp, If you Normally wear 6 to 8 pods bring them.)
* communications i.e radio and setup
* Air Tank 14 oz. or more , Filled with air
* Marker (Paintball Gun) = 1 ea. ready in working order
* Hopper = 1 ea. must be in working order
* Paintball Mask
* Paint (up to 1000 round min)
* Barrel Blocking Device = 1 ea.
* Tac-Vest/LBE/Harness = 1 ea.
* BDUs/ACUs/TRUs or paintball playing attire
* Boots or Comfortable Shoes =

Course Requirement Items

* Also we need you guys to bring rucksacks. If you do not have a rucksack, bring a backpack.

Comfort Items:

* Bring water, gatoraid , enough for each person.( no cola's, soft drinks)
* Head gear
* Wrist watch = 1 ea.
* T-shirts
* Bring Lunch.

Non essential items but can bring if needed.

* Boot Socks
* Baby wipes = 1 box ea. (Not essental)
* Hydration System = 1 ea.
* Chair, Camping = 1 ea.
* Notepad = 1 ea.
* Pen/Pencil = 2 ea.
* Marker Cleaning Kit = 1 ea.

Optional Items (not essental)

* Pocket Knife
* Leatherman/Gerber Tool
* 550 Parachute Cord
* 100 MPH Tape

Prohibited Items

* Alcohol of any type
* Illegal or illicit drugs
* Firearms
* Knives with a blade longer than 7"
* Fireworks or other explosives

Directions : lat & Long 36.054303,-86.55304
From Nashville : ‎
1.Head southeast on 8th Ave S/TN-1/TN-11/TN-6/US-31/US-41/US-70S toward McGavock St
Continue to follow TN-1/TN-11/US-31/US-41/US-70S
About 1 min

go 0.8 mi
total 0.8 mi

2.Slight right at 4th Ave S/TN-11/US-31/US-41
About 1 min

go 0.1 mi
total 0.9 mi

3.Turn left toward I-40 E (signs for I-40)

go 0.1 mi
total 1.1 mi

4.Take the ramp onto I-40 E
About 3 mins

go 2.4 mi
total 3.4 mi

5.Continue straight onto I-24 E (signs for Chattanooga/I-24)
About 12 mins

go 13.1 mi
total 16.5 mi

6.Take exit 64 for Waldron Rd toward La Vergne

go 0.2 mi
total 16.7 mi

7.Turn right at Parthenon Blvd/Waldron Rd
About 4 mins

go 1.3 mi
total 18.0 mi

8.Turn right at Waldron Rd

go 144 ft
total 18.0 mi

9.Slight left to stay on Waldron Rd
About 2 mins

go 0.9 mi
total 18.9 mi

10.Turn left to stay on Waldron Rd

go 0.1 mi
total 19.0 mi

11.Turn right at Buchanan St
About 1 min

go 0.3 mi
total 19.3 mi

12.Turn left at Stones River Rd
About 9 mins

go 3.0 mi
total 22.3 mi

Registration for the Event is due no later than Sept 6th. You can make payments through Paypal. Just make payments of $15 per person to and label the payment "The Agoge Challenge".

Description of "Agoge" from Wikipedia
Male and female children were brought up by the city women until the age of seven, when boys (paidia) were taken from their mothers and grouped together in "packs" (agelai) and were sent to what is almost equivalent to present-day military boot camp. This military camp was known as the Agoge.

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The Agoge Challenge: September 19th 2009
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