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 C.A.G Course coming to Battlezone Sept. 19, Combat Application Group

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PostSubject: C.A.G Course coming to Battlezone Sept. 19, Combat Application Group   Sun 02 Aug 2009, 20:01

September 19th 2009
C.A.G.' Is offereing a one day Stryker course available to Local teams. . C.A.G. believes in working with
players to better the sport of scenario and woodsball paintball.
C.A.G. Stryker Course –This is a crash course in basic team organization and tactics. It’s a in your face action packed training session in which you will learn how to set up your gear, how to organize your
team, fundamentals of combat shooting, movement techniques, battledrills, and ambush techniques. It is a
one day course where you will learn how to organize everything from your kit to your team. You will
learn tactical movement, and tactics used by the military adapted for the dynamics of paintball. Some
parts of the courses are:

Load Barring
Bounding Overwatch
Team Movement
Team Structure
React to Contact drills
Ambushes and Raids
Assessment skirmishes

This course was designed by a Special Forces operator but has been suited for those in scenario paintball.

The course is also designed with safety in mind. There will be some live fire drills.After your training you
will get the opportunity to apply what you will learn in CAG's exclusive Game Lab and engage CAG's
hand picked OPFOR team.
Paintball Stryker course usually runs from10am to 5pm with 2 small breaks and one lunch break.

BYOP is allowed at a $5 charge.
BattleZone has several paintball brands to choose from.
The course cost $45 and that covers the course, all day air, and the field fee.

Registration from Sept 8th to game day is $50.
To Register, goto Welcome to
Also feel free to Contact Gunner - 706-614-5834
Those intersted should submit the following via emai to with CAG Course in the
subject line, and take a gear requirements list home with them.

So come out and join in the fun and training so you can be PREPARED FOR BATTLE! PROCINTU!
Pre Registration ends on September 7th
More info can be found at
Charles Cole: 615-796-0026 or Wes Carey 817-733-3575

C.A.G. Packing list for the day
Must Bring to the Event: Required- Must have!
Your paintball Gear:
* Pods ( what you normally bring, do not skimp, If you Normally wear 6 to 8 pods bring them.)
* communications i.e radio and setup
* Air Tank 14 oz. or more , Filled with air
* Marker (Paintball Gun) = 1 ea. ready in working order
* Hopper = 1 ea. must be in working order
* Paintball Mask
* Paint (up to 1000 round min)
* Barrel Blocking Device = 1 ea.
* Tac-Vest/LBE/Harness = 1 ea.
* BDUs/ACUs/TRUs or paintball playing attire
* Boots or Comfortable Shoes =

Comfort Items:
* Bring water, gatoraid , enough for each person.( no cola's, soft drinks)
* Head gear
*Wrist watch = 1 ea.
* T-shirts
* Bring Lunch.

Non essential items but can bring if needed.
* Boot Socks
* Baby wipes = 1 box ea. (Not essental)
* Hydration System = 1 ea.
* Chair, Camping = 1 ea.
* Notepad = 1 ea.
* Pen/Pencil = 2 ea.
* Marker Cleaning Kit = 1 ea.

Optional Items (not essental)
* Leatherman/Gerber Tool
* 550 Parachute Cord
* 100 MPH Tape

Prohibited Items
* Alcohol of any type
* Illegal or illicit drugs
* Firearms
* Knives with a blade longer than 7"
* Fireworks or other explosives

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C.A.G Course coming to Battlezone Sept. 19, Combat Application Group
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